Oscar Raby and Fisheye run VR Workshop at IDFA

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VRTOV’s Oscar Raby has teamed up with Belgian production studio Fisheye to run a Virtual Reality production workshop at International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.

An invitation from the inimitable Caspar Sonnen led to Oscar and the team from Fisheye spending a day during the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam opening up the workflow of Virtual Reality production for a group of selected Festival delegates and teaching them how to create their own Virtual Reality documentary.

Over the course of about six hours, participants learned techniques in 3D scanning, environment construction and the basic principles for constructing a narrative in a 3D space. They then worked together to apply these techniques in the production of a short VR experience. Despite only having a relatively short amount of time to come to grips with a completely new way of working, the team was able to successfully produce a working prototype of their experience.

Thanks to Fisheye for being fantastic collaborators, and to DocLab and Caspar for the invitation!

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