Extraordinary Stories in Virtual Reality

For virtual reality designers VRTOV, the future is all in your head

Sydney Morning Herald

In the front room of a rented weatherboard house in Northcote, the future is taking shape, one frame at a time.

Here, Oscar Raby and Katy Morrison are tweaking the dials on the world and our experience of it. They are creating stories that look a little like computer games but feel a lot like real-world adventures. They are making virtual reality.

"We're right in the middle of documentary and games," says Raby, a 37-year-old designer and developer who was born in Chile and moved to Australia after meeting and marrying Morrison.

"The strength of the medium is that you can't really use your mobile phone at the same time," says Morrison, a TV producer and former travel guide writer, who met her husband and business partner in Argentina. "You can't be double-screening with your television and your computer. You've actually just got to be there in the space and pay attention."

AssentKaty Morrison