Extraordinary Stories in Virtual Reality

Our 8 Favorite VR Experiences From the Tribeca Film Festival


VIRTUAL REALITY MAY be a babe in the woods, but it’s growing up fast. The trajectory of innovation has been steep in the past year, as constant experimentation has also helped videographers break new ground in editing and storytelling techniques within the realm of VR. It’s no longer enough to just stick a 360-degree camera rig in an interesting place and let the novelty of watching it on a facemask do all the work. At this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, several VR projects premiered as part of the “Experiential Storytelling” showcase at the festival. The groundbreaking Allumette was the biggest highlight of the VR exhibition, but it wasn’t the only great project there. Here are some of the other standout experiences, which cast a wide net across genres: from family fare to journalism to graphic novels come alive to psychedelic music videos, and a few things that defy explanation.