Extraordinary Stories in Virtual Reality



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A studio of artists, technologists and storytellers, our mission is to explore the emerging language of narrative VR.

Our creative team and production talent bring experience in game design, animation, documentary, theatre and new-media art to create VR experiences that resonate with audiences around the globe.

We collaborate, consult, and create.
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Katy Morrison

Katy Morrison is a producer using immersive technologies to put audiences at the centre of extraordinary stories. Her VR projects have been honoured at the Webby’s, the Lovies, the Google Play Awards and shown in festivals around the world. Prior to running VRTOV, Katy worked in documentary television as a researcher, writer and producer.

Oscar Raby
Creative Director

Oscar Raby is a multimedia artist focused on portraiture and narrative using immersive media. His first job after moving from Chile to Australia was as picture hanging technician. Those years of moving images by hand became the foundation of his current work as Virtual Reality director of pieces like Assent, The Turning Forest and Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel.





VRTOV will be showing work at these upcoming events:

Venice Film Festival 2018

Busan Film Festival 2018

Adelaide Film Festival 2018

Tous Ecrans 2018

The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (permanent)